Our Purpose

The purpose of this site is to provide information to parents of children with hearing loss and to enable parents to communicate with each other. It is our goal to support new parents who are just beginning their journey with their new baby and also allow existing parents to share their personal experiences raising children with hearing loss. Because there are many different options out there for children with hearing loss, including hearing aid use, cochlear implants and ASL users, it is important for parents to have access to detailed information about each situation whichever they may choose.

Littleears.org will post current activities, fundraisers and social gatherings for children with hearing loss. We also host parent meetings where parents can meet together and discuss concerns, school topics, activities and so forth. 

One of our main purposes is to support the meeting and interaction of children with various types of hearing loss in the community as well as the interaction of parents and families. It is crucial for children with hearing loss to be around other children who have the same experiences.